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Flex Boot Horse 125 - 130mm is sold individually


Each boot is supplied as a complete set that includes the boot shell with rivets, a TPU gaiter, neoprene gaiter and a back strap. To order a pair, please add two boots into your basket.


With over 250 combinations per size, once in a while, run out of a particular item. If you would like boot quickly, please select an alternate color, otherwise follow the prompts to be notified when your selection is back in stock.


Flex Boots are flexible, durable and easy to use hoof boots that are ideal for all equestrian activities including trail riding, schooling, jumping and driving. They function similarly to human barefoot shoes, providing the horse flexible, effective support whilst allowing the hoof to function in the correct way without restrictions or any discomfort for the horse. Flex Boots are ideal for first time users and seasoned barefoot horses.


Let your horse feel the difference:

• Superior sole design with correct break over point supports healthy hoof function on every step your horse takes

• Exceptional traction on all surfaces and suitable for all disciplines.

• Smart fastening system allows for adjustments to give your horse an ideal, comfortable fit without rubbing.

• No Velcro or cables that can easily break or get dirty.

• Flex Boots are incredibly easy and quick to put on and take off. Even kids can do it!

• Amazing drainage and easy to clean.

• Designed to support a holistic approach to hoof and horse care.

• So comfortable, they can be used for 24/7 turnout too!


Thanks to the careful design and advanced technology used to make these boots, they are suitable for use in any weather and terrain; with great drainage and water-repellent materials, you can use them in snow, mud, very dry conditions and anywhere in between. The all-terrain sole gives superb grip, and the boots have pre-drilled holes that allow for easy application of ice studs if this is required.


Flex Pads can be used in the boots to offer additional cushioning and protection for horses that need this, for example if they have thin soles or are recovering from laminitis. Flex Boots are designed with the horse’s welfare as the main priority. This is why they work so well and are fast becoming the most popular hoof boot all around the world.


Flex Boots work best when hooves are maintained in their anatomically correct shape with frequent maintenance trims. Since the boot sole is essentially a cushioned airpad, long toes, high walls or sharp edges can damage the product.


Flex Hoof Boots are available in 15 sizes, from miniature ponies to horses.

Flex Boot Horse 125 & 130mm (Sold Individually)

Strap color
Gaiter color
  • Flex Boots are durable and comfortable, easy to put on and take off. They are carefully designed with the horse's wellbeing as the top priority. Flex Boots are the first barefoot shoes for horses, like Feelmax and Vibram shoes for people.

    Flex Boots fit a variety of different hoof shapes provided the hoof is maintained in its anatomically correct shape. This generally means small maintenance trims at 1-2 week intervals. We recommend that the owner should learn how to maintain the feet in between professional visits. By doing so, we ensure that the horse moves comfortably at all times with correct and functional hooves, and we can enjoy these barefoot shoes of the horse world for as long as possible. If the horse’s upper body is out of balance, they may for example drag their toes.

    We recommend in the interest of the horse’s health, they are taught to carry themselves and their rider correctly; using the deep postural muscles for stability, lifting the back and withers, and tilting the pelvis in the right direction to allow the proper use of the hind legs. They should reach under, flex their joints and carry weight, instead of being dragged along behind or to the side of the body. By doing all this we minimize incorrect movement which in the long run is harmful both to the horse and the boots. 

    FlexHorse Boots come in nine sizes:

    FlexHorse 110

    FlexHorse 115

    FlexHorse 120

    FlexHorse 125

    FlexHorse 130

    FlexHorse 135 (available in 2022)

    FlexHorse 140

    FlexHorse 145 (available in 2022)

    FlexHorse 150

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