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Flex Boots USA

Welcome to Flex Boots USA, the sole American importer and distributor of the world’s best hoof boots!

Tried and tested by equestrians around the world in all disciplines and weather conditions, Flex Boots have proven to be resilient, easy to use and comfortable for horses to wear. I use them on my own two horses Maxwell and Chief on all terrains, including riding through deep swampy waters and occasional LD endurance competitions and hunter paces – through it all Flex Boots stay on and enable my horses to move comfortably. So with first-hand experience and happy customers across the country, I can confidently recommend Flex Boots for most barefoot horses.

My first big trial of Flex Boots was completing a 3 day, 63-mile Ocean to Lake ride from Okeechobee to the Atlantic Ocean - through the wettest trails I have ever seen - with my horse Chief who was wearing Flex Boots on all four feet. Whilst some other horses on the ride lost their shoes and boots, my Flex Boots stayed on the whole way.  In addition, they are super easy to put on and take off, do not rub, and are designed for exceptional drainage which makes them perfect for me and many riders across the country.

Video of our ride to show you just how wet it was -

yet Flex Boots stayed on perfectly!

Being the Flex Boots distributor for the US is a dream come true for me. I love working directly with customers and with our Hoof Boot Consultants (HBCs); a talented group of natural hoof trimmers who fit Flex Boots for their clients.  The HBC program is quite unique and provides customers and their horses hands-on fitting service to ensure correct fit, which is what we are all about. To read more about the service and to find your nearest Hoof Boot Consultant, visit the Flex Consultants page. If you would like to become a Flex Hoof Boot Consultant, please click here to learn more about this innovative program.

Flex Boots are designed and manufactured in Finland, with an emphasis on horse comfort and ecological sustainability. You can read about the brand story below and follow their link for abundant advice on the boots, accessories, their fit and usage.  To purchase the entire range of Flex Boots and accessories in the US, please visit our online store.

- Lindy Griffith

Origins of Flex Boots

Lindy (owner) and her wonder horse Chief
Satu and Jiri - our founders

Hoof boots that are unique in form and function

Flex Boots are designed and manufactured in Finland. The brainchild of a Finnish barefoot professionals Jiri and Satu Vainikka, the boot design was perfected over years of meticulous research and trials. This resulted in a boot that is unique in the market and succeeds where many other hoof boots fail.

To read the full Flex Boot story, learn more about the people who developed our fantastic boots on the manufacturer's website.

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