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Lead time for custom boots is approximately 10 -14 days.  They are special ordered from Finland.  


Although Flex Boots are suitable for many hoof models, in some cases there is a need to slightly modify the boots. This is possible with Flex Boots.

We offer custom-made boots for horses for which the basic model is not suitable. Such cases are for example horses with the very large heel buttress, (need for a larger TPU-gaiter), or very thin legs (need for a smaller TPU-gaiters).

Please note - custom boots are not eligible for return or exchange.  Lead time is 2 - 3 weeks  from date of order.


The size of the neoprene gaiter is determined by the size of the TPU gaiter.

TPU gaiter 110 / neoprene gaiter size S
TPU gaiter 120 / neoprene gaiter size S or M 

The size shown in the product name indicates the size of the shell. For example, the product shown in the alternative 100/110 means that the shell is size 100, and the TPU gaiter is size 110, the neoprene gaiter is size S.


Please consider your horse's bone structure when you order your gaiters.  Measuring the circumference of the pastern is an easy way to double check.


As a general rule:

 XS gaiters are 8-1/2" long.  They work with 80, 90, 100mm boots.  

   S gaiters are 9-1/2" long.  They work with 105 mm -120mm boots (finer bone structures)

  M gaiters are 11" long.  They work with 120mm boots (standard boned horses)


Please note custom boots are special ordered from Finland so it will take one - two weeks for delivery.

Custom Flex Boots 80mm - 120mm

Gaiter color
Strap color
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