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The Radius Rasp-2  'PRO'-- Replaceable Solid Stainless Steel  Blade with Standard Rasp Teeth

The RR-2 is a more aggressive wall rounding tool that rapidly creates the arc of of the Mustang Roll during normal trimming. Its curve allows you to  rasp well above the outer bearing surface of the hoof wall to extend the arc of the 'roll' upward. It leaves a rougher finish than the RR-1 but cuts faster through the hardened outer layers of the hoof wall. It rapidly smooths the edges left by a 'beveling' nipper cut around the outer edge of the wall. In many cases it can create the basic contour of the Mustand Roll without first making a 'bevel' cut with your nippers. If you are doing a lot of trimming or dealing with hard hooves, the RR-2 is an essential tool. Like the RR-1 it is 4 1/2" long and 2" wide, but weighs 13 oz.

EVO Radius Rasp RR-1

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