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Hoof Armor hoof protection is a tough, yet flexible, abrasive-resistant adhesive
coating used to protect the bottom of a horse’s hoof from excessive wear and
chipping and also to prevent infections to the rest of the equine foot. Although Hoof
Armor is tougher than a hoof, it is more flexible than a hoof so it doesn’t restrict the
natural expansion and contraction of the hoof and allows for optimum circulation
and hoof health as well as the horse’s natural gait. Hoof Armor protects the sole
of the hoof while it becomes stronger and more resistant to stone bruising. The
thickness of a callused hoof sole is the key to stone protection. Hoof Armor can be
applied to the sole, hoof wall, the frog and heel bulbs; wherever and whenever
needed. Being flexible, Hoof Armor will work with any trimming technique, or with
horseshoes or hoof boots. Hoof Armor’s antimicrobial ingredient has also been
found effective in treating and preventing both White Line Disease and Thrush. Hoof
Armor is used in all equine disciplines.

Hoof Armor Refill Kit

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